Fashion World Returns Policy

If you have recently purchased an item from Fashion World, and for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, the Fashion World returns policy provides a simple means for you to return your product and be refunded what you paid. To make use of the returns service, all you need to do is return the item within 14 days of receipt, or otherwise in accordance with your statutory rights as a consumer.

An Advice Note is included in every delivery. Should you wish to return an item, you are to consult the back of the advice note. On the back of the advice note, you are to select your reason for return. This advice note helps Fashion World improve so that you, the customer, can enjoy a more satisfactory experience when making future purchases. The advice note also ensures a quick refund. If you do not have the advice note you received with your delivery, do not fret! You can write the item number, your name, address and customer number on any piece of paper and enclose it with the goods that you are delivering.

Fashion World offers a home approval period that gives you 14 days to see if you are satisfied with your product. If you are not satisfied, and it is still within the 14 day period, you will be compensated for any reasonable wear and tear that is either due to faulty materials or defective workmanship. Goods that are not excluded from the Home Approval policy are highlighted on the Fashion World website. For instance, mobile phones, cameras, TVs, computers, and software with a broken security seal will not be accepted under the Home Approval policy. Items not received within the 14 day period or are not in new condition will be accepted at the discretion of Fashion World, and has the right to charge you a processing cost of £3.00 per item.