Fifty Plus Returns Policy

Say you recently purchased an item from Fifty Plus and are unsatisfied with your purchase. Fifty Plus’ returns policy makes it easy for you to make a return and receive a refund for your purchase. It is as easy as returning the item within 14 days of receipt.

To make a return, consult the Advice Note with each delivery. When consulting the advice note, look On the back and select your reason for return. This way Fifty Plus can receive feedback from their customers in order to improve your shopping experience in the future. Do not worry if you do not still the advice note you received with your delivery. Just be sure to enclose a piece of paper with the item number, your name, address and customer number and simply enclose it with the products that you wish to return.

As part of the Fifty Plus returns policy, all customers get to enjoy a 14 day home approval period. What this means is that if for some reason or another you are not satisfied, and the 14 day home approval period is still in effect, Fifty Plus will gladly compensate you for any reasonable wear and tear. This includes problems pertaining to faulty materials or workman error. Keep in mind, that there are certain goods that are not excluded from the Home Approval policy. These items may be found on the Fifty Plus website.

Items such as cameras, mobile phones, television sets, computers, and software with broken security seals are unfortunately not covered under the 14 day home approval policy. Be sure to return your items within the 14 day period! Otherwise, Fifty Plus reserves the right to charge you a processing fee of £3.00 per item. This fee will also be applied to returned items that are not in new condition.

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