Simply Yours Returns Policy

Simply yours returns policy is much like that of its sister catalogue Simply Be. Simply Yours is a dealer in women underwear, swimwear and lingerie. The catalogue’s return policy can then apply only in cases where the items are returned untouched. Customers have 14 days to return items and at their own cost. The customer is also charged £3.00 per item for late return i.e. after 14 days. The catalogue has wide freedom in deciding the fate of returned items and can replace or simply send back the item to the customer.

Simply Yours can only accept unopened goods. The items have to be intact and the seals not broken. Original labels must be present as well as any security tags. The customer should also attach a returned goods note that has her name and address. There should also be an advice note stating why the item has been returned.

The customer can log into her Simply yours account, go to the ‘arrange a return section’ and fill in the details. The catalogue’s courier will then pick up the item at the customer’s expense. Alternatively she can also call and arrange the pick up. The customer is also free to pick her own courier. The post office is also a choice for sending the package. The customer must have a receipt from the courier or proof of postage from the post office.

Late returns
The customer will pay £3.00 per every item returned late i.e. 14 days. There is a processing fee. The catalogue can replace, refund or simply return the item to the customer at her own cost.

Home approval exception
Considering that the catalogue deals in clothing items, mainly underwear, the home approval exception does not apply. The customer’s statutory right to return goods is respected as long as the item is unopened and intact.