Thats My Style Returns Policy

That’s my style returns policy mirrors that of the other catalogues in the JD Williams chain. The period of return is 14 days and customers have to bear costs for the return of items. Goods are deemed to be late if returned after 14 days and the customer is charged for it. The catalogue also has home approval exceptions for some items. The customer can only return these items by exercising her statutory right to return goods. The catalogue’s return policy covers packaging, returning mode, and late returns.

Items for return must be as good as new. Seals should be unbroken and the item should not be altered in any way. All original labels must be present as well as any accompanying security tags. The advice note to be attached to the item should state why the item is being returned. A returned goods note should be taped on the item with the customer’s name and address.

That’s My Style Returns
The customer can choose her courier to pick up the item. Alternatively she can call the catalogue to arrange for a pick up by their courier. Arrangements can also be made on her account at the ‘arrange a return’ section. The customer bears the cost of return. The post office can also be used to send the item. The customer must have proof that the item was sent; a receipt from the courier or proof of postage.

Late returns
The customer is penalised for late returns, which is after 14 days. There is a processing fee of £3.00 per item. The catalogue can then decide if to repair, replace, refund or return the item to the customer at her own cost.

Home approval exceptions
Electronics, white goods and personalised items are some of the items that do not fall under the 14 days home approval plan. Customers can only return them in regards to the statutory right to return goods.