The Brilliant Gift Shop Returns Policy

The Brilliant Gift Shop believes in the importance of customer satisfaction, and that is why The Brilliant Gift Shop returns policy features a 14 day period for returns on any unwanted or faulty items. It is important to note that all goods that you wish to return must be have all labels intact and attached, as well as all accompanying swing tickets. Worn goods or goods that are not in the original packaging will not be accepted.

When making your return, The Brilliant Gift Shop has provided an Advice Note in the original delivery, and asks that you select the appropriate reason code for the return on the back of the advice note, in addition to the code alongside the product being returned. This advice note helps The Brilliant Gift Shop hear what their customers are saying and allows them to provide the level of customer satisfaction that they have set out to achieve.

Courier service is available for all returns at the customer’s convenience. Be polite and notify your courier 48 hours before the desired return date. This will ensure that the items you wish to return will arrive within the 14 day period that The Brilliant Gift Shop has provided. You may also make returns at your local post office. In this case, the item should be in the original packaging and a ‘Returns’ label should be placed across your name and address located on the bag. Any return received after the 14 day period will be shipped back to the customer, with processing fees being at the customer’s expense.

The Brilliant Gift Shop will not accept certain items for return. This includes perishable items, personalized items, DVDs, and white goods such as washing machines, refrigerators, and dish washers. In the name of customer satisfaction, The Brilliant Gift Shop will compensate you for any item that is defective upon receipt.